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Welcome to the 912 Project Fort Worth

Come join us at the 2012 912 Project Fundraiser. We have planned a "Day at the Range" for everyone to come socialize and hone your shooting skills.

Click Here to get more details.

Click Here to download the Emergency Preparedness slides from October 29, 2011

We are a group of regular people that are tired of our government wasting our time, and money. Most of us have never protested anything, let alone organized to fight the tyranny occurring in Washington DC.

We founded the 912 Project Fort Worth, Inc. and this web site because we believe that "We the People" can and need to make a change in the direction this country is heading. We are non-partisan, believe in the US Constitution, and are tired of both Republicans and Democrats spending our children's future and taking our rights away without listening to us. Our mission lies within the the 9 principles and 12 values as proposed by Glenn Beck's 912 Project on March 13, 2009. As we live our lives around these principles and values, we can educate and enlighten others as to the malfeasance being conducted by our elected officials.

We have to stand up and be heard to protect our future, and the future of our children We cannot do this alone, no single voice can be heard in Washington. We need your support to keep the ball rolling, and keep the 912 project Fort Worth Operational. If you feel as we do, please join our membership ranks and make a additional donation.

We also ask that you let 10 of your friends now about this project, because you are not alone.

2012 is just around the corner. The Texas primary is in March 2012 and the general election is in November 2012. This will be your chance to stand up and defend the constitution.

Healthcare repeal (H.R. 2) was passed in the House on 1/19/2011. How did they vote? Click here to see.

Click Here to download your copy of the Federal Lawsuit against Arizona.

You can go to the meetup site where events and message boards are still posted by clicking on the meetup logo.